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Hey all.

So I’m writing.
I hope this makes sense, that everyone (or no one) can keep up with my furious stream of conscious typing style. It’ll jump, it’ll shift, it’ll make no sense…but then it will. I promise. But I need an outlet. And this, well, blogs and webs and internets…oh my….proves interesting and like HP, a Room Of Requirement where I can let it all hang out. So to speak.

Me being silly in Mystic, CT

I have been a performer my whole life. I’ve travelled the world and met AMAZING people. I’ve gotten to do amazing things, and have had the time  of my life. I love to sing, and dance, and make people laugh. I have been told I have perfect pitch and my comedic timing can’t be beat.  I try to stay positive and find the bright side of life.

I have lived all over the world and across the US, but there’s no place like home. Yay Canada. Yay Healthcare!
I’m ready though to stop touring, slow it down a bit.  I spent the summer teaching a Theatre Summer Camp, and discovered this past year,  I LOVE working/teaching kids theatre; I’ve learned a lot in my way, and passing it on in truly a rewarding experience, not to sound cheesey but it’s true. I love teaching.
And I’ve picked up a few craft hobbies  along the way….

I’m working on several different projects. I’m super bad at that…..starting WAYYY too many things at once, working furiously on them, then, gradually, they peter out and end up in different degrees of progress in different shopping bags and get stuffed in various parts of my mother’s house.

Oh yes, I must insert here I live with my mom. I’m almost 40, and had to move back home this past spring. You know, the all too common recent turn of events story – business slowing due to economy, relationship ended, needing to escape somewhere safe – blah blah blah.
So me, my cat, my sewing machines and about 50 bins of costumes, props and fabric zoomed up I-75 back north home, to Canada. Home? Where’s home….a tiny city (yes, it is a city) in SW Ontario…..again, typical story…no jobs, factories closing, 10 Tim Hortons everywhere you look….

(I must insert here; thanks to PENSKE for making my move easy. You guys were easy, inexpensive and I’d def recommend you to anyone doing a cross country move! And also, thanks to the Lovely Lady whose front lawn I ripped up whilst trying to turn around with the truck and my car attached to the back. Somewhere in TN  Cleveland TN on a side road off highway 60? There was a detour and I got stuck…the road was too narrow …..and you came out and offered me a drink or a place to lie down when I burst into tears in sheer frustration at my inability to turn the damn rig around which finally happened and I wanted to thank you SO MUCH for your kindness. It meant a lot.)

But I’m an amateur quilter attempting my first projects. Note ProjectS cuz of course, I don’t have just ONE on the go. I have two. And I’ve been haunting ETSY and other quilt sites (my current fav; Red Pepper Quilts) whilst learning as I go. Plus too, I’m a knitter, love to knit. I like to do blankets;  so far I haven’t been brave enough to try a sweater or hat or socks. Just scarves and shawls and blankets…so far. Heh.

I also LOVE to cook, and Bake. I do say, I’m a darn good baker. My cooking can be hit or miss, but I was totally inspired by Julie and Julia  movie/book/blog extravaganza and since I love to eat…well. 

I lived by the ocean in Florida for awhile and was inspired to paint; acrylic on canvas featuring sand dollars and other shells I used to go gather out off of Cayo Costa, where I used to go out on our jetskis and spend all day on the water. I miss that part of FL; loved going out to the barrier islands and seeing the dolphins and turtles and sting rays and fishes….miss the ocean the most.

Samples of my work before a craft show

I’m into sewing as well, making costumes etc as the need arises and other such things. My pal Kim though is INCREDIBLY talented at this; and she sells all sorts of Elizabethan costuming; mine is more theatrical and not as authentic as hers.

I’m really trying to settle down and not be on the road as much, if at all, anymore. I’ve met a wonderful man, who not only supports what I do, but instills in me me confidence and support that I can and could do anything. And I don’t want to let this man down! Or let him go!

….Now. If only I can focus and figure out what that is next….I know what I think I want to do. Going ahead and making it happen is the tricky part.

I have little inspirational notes on my mirror. The main one: WRITE YOUR STORY> so I’m hoping, that this is just the beginning of the story. I’m working on several stories, and I need to get them out of my house.That This is the catalyst that will help me focus. Let’s see what happens, shall we?

I love my cat. His name is Buck, and just in case you’re interested, he is also a writer. You can find his blog in my lists; Buck The Cat.

Okay then…I’m gonna go wash up and start dinner…..I was weeding out in the garden and I stink. Therefore I am. Heh.


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