Quilt for Fred’s Mom … PT 2

Or, A Frustrating Day of Sewing


Is there ANYTHING more frustrating than the simplest of things that will NOT work right?? GRRRRR.

The last two days were a sewing trial….a nightmare.

The completed quilt top had ‘bubbles’ in it. So…….I wanted to fix them, of course.

6 HOURS LATER….after ripping and reripping and resetting and resetting and ironing and re ironing and( GRRRR A TEMPER TANTRUM which involved jumping up and down and much flailing) having to rebuilt two blocks and reposition…the simplest of simple layouts was done. Sort of. There was still a bubble.

I think that there is such a thing as being Too Picky; and that that might be the case yesterday. Today was a new day.

I fixed the last square and all was well. The borders were reattached and ironed.
 I brought the quilt upstairs to begin the sandwiching of the backing & batting. In the middle I had it all laid out, taped down and ready to roll up and head downstairs to begin the quilting process.

I had gone into the kitchen to help Ma with something and then returned back to the living room where

My mother’s cat had  somehow gotten underneath my quilt sandwich and had pulled it free of the tape. He had freaked himself out because he couldn’t see and started to run amuck in my quilt. GRRRR. He made it up the stairs and got himself free; and I got the quilt back downstairs, retaped it and pin basted it. THEN I rolled it up and headed backdownstairs to quilt it.
AND for some reason….the stupid machine decided today was the day to give me more grief than was really necessary over tension. Sigh> The eyelashing under the quilt was OFF the Freakin’ charts. 
BUT….I got it worked out. AND I got to watch “State Fair’ and “South Pacific” today.
But most importantly….The Quilt is quilted. YAY! And later I have to quilt in the borders, neaten the edges, bind it and VOILA! Zee quilt vill be done. Woot!
………….then……….start on ANOTHER commissioned quilt which is a SURPRISE for someone who I can’t mention! Just in case. *grin*.
 Here’s the Quilt; the block pattern was “springtime”.


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