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I almost forgot…WIP Wednesdays

A few other quilting blogs I read (okay stop laughing) that are pretty great reads and fab inspiration – they do this thing called “Work In Progress (WIP) Wednesdays”. And I think it’s a great idea.

So here’s my list of WIPS:
Finish Fred’s Mom’s Quilt – finish stippling, neaten and bind.

Finish cutting and start to sew D’s quilt.
Decide on a pattern and cut K’s quilt.
Finish cutting L’s quilt. Pattern is decided.
*Actually I’m doing two of L’s quilt as they are both awesome patterns and I know two ppl who will love them.
Sew flannelette baby blanket I cut out for Etsy.

And I have one pending order for a king sized quilt; biggest one yet. I think I will send that one out to be quilted; I can do the top no problem but that might be a bit too much for my little Brother sewing machine. I will have to source some local quilting spots.

I’m waiting for a fabric that I ordered online to arrive this week so I can keep working on my Christmas quilts for my family; I have to do Dad’s still and one for my other brother; and I know there’s a couple that will still come up.

OH and I’d like to finish the two I started for ME at some point. Laugh. Funny how they all got bumped down the list!

SO I have a list of things to do. Not too bad. And in a fit of pique today while fighting with my machine I reorganzied the Quilt Cave. It’s a bit more accessible; tomoro I shall finish sorting my fabrics into drawers and actually get stuff off the floor. Eeesh. I may pop over to the storage unit as I *know* I have a gorgeous sky blue cotton somewhere that I can’t find. (I may have used it for packing when I moved; that’s how I used a lot of my fabric to justify keeping it all…used it for packing around things like lamps, pictures, etc. So just have to find it. No sense in having great fabric if you can’t find it to use it.)
Oh I also found a great chunk of muslin that I’m gonna use to make a string/crazy quilt. Yay!

AND something else I forgot! It was Thanksgiving last week; I did a lasagne with some of the sauce I made back in August; and it turned out excellently. I coulda used more cheese, but hey. Everything is better with cheese.

It’s bedtime….I promised I wouldn’t stay up late…uh oh. I’m in trouble now!

I blame the cat.


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