It’s Wednesday…AGAIN!

Oh dear. Where did the week go????

Well I sorta know where it went; my days were spent working on Freds’ Mom’s Quilt; or (FMQ) and nights were rehearsing the Haunted Hayride show over at the Pioneer Village in the Big City nearby. (I have mentioned that I’m a performer, yes?)
The show opened last weekend; and the rehearsals were pretty hectic. The show itself takes place at various stages around the village and it’s of course, all outdoors. Mostly the weather co-operated but we did have one absolutely miserable night in the pouring (and I mean, pouring!) rain. The event is rain or shine; and it’s pretty cool if I do say so myself.
here’s the link to it: The Cultured Criminal Haunted Hayride . I play the Florence Birchall; the wife of the accused murderer. It’s a true story that happened around here back in 1890. Super sensational for the time.

Yesterday I took a break from quilting, in fact, I only did a bit of quilting all weekend; working a bit on another commissioned quilt; in blues and whites. I actually have to do a bit more work on it; some of the blues I picked when all laid out didn’t quite fit my image, or go completely so I’m now reworking a few 9 patches and making brand new ones as well. It’s a simply 9 patch and rail fence quilt but the dark blues and crisp whites really make it special. I think I might edge it in red as well, and really make it pop!~
I also found this tutorial on paper pieces Star Blocks over at Fresh Lemon Quilts; and think I might be adding one or two of those into this quilt.  We’ll see how into paper piecing I get….. but I love love love that Star block.

I digress – I took the break from quilting yesterday – because I needed to find a 70’s costume for the murder mystery I’m working tonite. Big hair and blue eye shadow with an orange and brown pucci-esque print dress. That’s more of a shirt but that’s why God created Spanx. Heh.

It’s cold in here…maybe I should go get a quilt to snuggle under…..


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