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I love MAIL!

These days; all it seems we get in the mail are bills and flyers. But I have a secret confession.
    I love mail. I love receiving it, I love sending it, I love mail.
AIEEE!!! There it is. My horrible confession.
Maybe it started as a kid when in 4th grade we started Pen Pal programs with kids at another school in the US, and then continued over the years corresponding with friends made at summer music school; who knows. I just love getting mail.

There’s nothing more homey and perfect than having your coffee on the front steps in the sunshine reading a hand written letter from a far-away pal.
But that trend has fallen by the wayside with technology for the most part. I do like to send postcards and letters when I’m away; I used to send buckets of letters home all the time when on tour; and I have an extensive collection of post cards that I kept over the years from people and ones I kept that I never sent (just for the pictures).
But Ebay. Ah! Ebay. Magical wonderful Ebay. NOW……you can have delightful packages sent to your home!
And today I received not one but TWO packages of sewing supplies ordered online!
I live in a small town; with one shop that sells fabric and notions. Needless to say; sometimes options are limited; and grrrrr that the closest “big” shop is about 40 mins away. Sigh. Oh yes of course we have the W-mart like everyone else but they’re good for very little other than the basics. 
Yes, like all of you I have done the HOLY CRAP I’M OUT OF WHITE/BLACK thread at the eleventh hour; and quilckly thrown a coat over my pajamas and raced down to the big boxers on the edge of town to grab what you need.
     (Come on. You know you’ve done that. And then you found yourself wandering aimlessly through the aisles wondering, “do we need that? Of course we do.” And then ending up at the checkout with socks, needles, thread, two boxes of hamburger helper, and a plastic pink basket you’re sure you need).
But I digress.
So today I got TWO parcels in the mail!! I’m super excited. I had ordered the replacement blades for my Olfa rotary cutter; I have the 60mm one which is the BEST tool ever; and I couldn’t get the blades anywhere locally. And I saved a ton on Ebay; even with the s&h. 
And the second package was my yummy fabric I’ve been waiting for….yay.Some gorgeous black and white patterns,(yay Bunny fabric!) and the rich brown and neato green squares I’ve been waiting for.
Not sure what these are going to become but I’m super excited for the green squares……can’t wait to see what that tells me to make! They’re already in 2 inch squares and so the work is already half done for me. I have some blues and reds already in the Quilt Cave that’ll be perfect with it…GAH!!
 Don’t get ahead of myself here…. I have enough UFO’s for now without making more…laugh…..I have a rail fence quilt for myself that I have to pick the basting stitches out of; the backing shifted on me and it’s all wonky. So…ack to sqaure one again after the stitches come out – gotta retape it and reposition the whole thing. But that’s a quilt for me and I’m gonna finish my commissioned quilts first.
Okay. It’s a grey and rainy day which is perfect for staying in and working. I’ve put off for far too long today what needs to get done TODAY… my class is tonite and I *have* to finish their scripts! And I want to cut out some more blue and white blocks for D’s quilt….
So much to do!
There is one more package of fabric due to arrive any day now; it’s fabric for a Christmas gift….woot! Can’t tell you for who though….:)

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