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Saturday Mornings – A Travelling Story

Ahhh. Tis Saturday.
And I got to sleep in, wander downstairs, feed the cats, feed the birds, make coffee, and sit on the couch for a few minutes watching the Weather Channel before starting my day.

Ahhhhh. Perfect.

It’s only been the past year or so that I’ve been able to enjoy weekends, and waking up slowly on a Saturday.
Because for the last 10 years or so; since 1995 (roughly)  I’ve  been working as a travelling entertainer doing outdoor festivals that only happen on…you guessed it….weekends.

And how much fun those Festivals are!! You’ve all been to one! The Bean Festival, The Harvest Festival, The Something Exhibition, The Happytown Fall Fair, Insert Town Name Here Days, The Blankety Blank Faire, and of course….The Renaissance Festivals. The fried food, the overpriced drinks, the midways, the nip in the air in the fall or spring, the heat of summer heavy with the threat of thunder, the teens showing off, the little ones racing around, and everyone excited to see what Shows are on the Schedule for the year.

The view I saw for so many years….

Well, for most of my adult life, I’ve been one of those Shows on the Schedule. Touring from town to town, living in an RV, or in a hotel, or on someone’s couch, or guest room (if we were lucky!) From kids’ shows to my own shows, there’s not much I haven’t done on a stage (ahem. Not Like That, Fred.).

So weekends were always the workweek for me, and the folks I worked with. Our weekend was Monday -Thurs. Heh.
Saturdays and Sundays were crammed with 5 days of energy and focus and performances,sometimes up to 12 a day. (And for the Rennies reading this, I’ll clarify: 4 stage shows, Open, Close, Smoker, Feast, Pubsing, whew!) Or 8 sched half hour shows for the kiddies with the meet n greets afterwards.
Quite exhausting. Guests always wondered if we went out and partied all night,  laugh…. no way. We were in bed usually by 9pm; oftentimes there would be one or two of us falling asleep over the dinner table (no names here, SD…hahaha) For some reason that’s  a myth perpetuated by Festival-goers….but it’s not the Entertainers out all night…..But I digress.

Too often Saturdays and Sunday mornings were early, 6:30am days, bundling up to go out into the cold, or the searing heat, or sticky humidity, to stay outside in the elements All Day. No matter what, staying happy, cheerful, and upbeat and energetic. Performing during any type of weather, tornado warnings, rain, sleet, snow, heat, you name it, we sang in it. Laugh…..the best of times, the worst of times.
 And so now, I’m quite content to stay home, to travel on occasion, and do shows close to home. I’m writing some stories that I think will be great shows. And teaching…I have discovered that I enjoy teaching So Much that I hope I can extend the classes and do more.
I still get itchy feet though;  like the geese that migrate, my internal clock was beating out Time To Go! Time To Go! in Early September, and even now my clock thinks I should be on the move somewhere.  And I think of my friends and miss them terribly, and miss where we would go, and the fun we had, and the places and the sights…..and the FOOD oh the FOOD……………… I *still* crave Muffulettas from Central Grocery…and beignets, and….yummy. Ah! The Chocolate Bar in St.Louis, King’s Fried Chicken in St.Peters……Nick and Tonys Pizza in Guilford, AIE the Corner Deli by the laundry in Bradford, CT, Lis’ Cupcakes , MYSTIC PIZZA…Pizza Louis in KS…BBQ in TX…..aie….Tarpon Lodge in FL….hmmm I might have to go cook something……

It was great fun though, and a wonderful learning experience. But so Tiring. And it was very difficult always being away from your loved ones; no matter how amazing an experience, missing weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, etc etc wears a little thin over the years. Yes, I’ve seen all sorts of amazing things and met INCREDIBLE people and I wouldn’t change a day of it….but…… you know. There’s no place like home.

So to be sleeping in, drinking coffee, being lazy on a Saturday is a real treat. 🙂 I hope you’re enjoying your day,
…..I’m gonna go do some yard work! Woohoo!

Here’s some pics from my travels: