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WIP Wednesday

Well this week flew by.
But today, I was VERY productive. RiDiCuLoUsLy productive.


All tested for Snuggleability and Comforbleness
ALL quilts carefully inspected by #12 and #7

I finished finished finished a Fabulous 9 Patch/Rail Fence Hybrid that is a special order for someone for Christmas whom I cannot mention…heh…. but it shall be shipped out tomoro.

I also finished FINISHED! My Pink Stripes Reversible lap quilt for ME yaY! (even though, it’s gonna be taken over by the cat, this I know already) and the pics are below!

I couldn’t bring myself to cut up this beautfiul fabric

The Amazing colours pop out at you, so rich!
And the fabrics go in an almost perfect way!

I also cut and started piecing a Christmas order  quilt for a special young lady, this one is going quick and I love the purples and greens, pics to come later tonite. I’m having fun with this one; it’s an improv’d pattern and I’m gonna mess around some more with HST’s later…see what happens….

I have a go see tonite for a possible order and so will finish my WIP Wed post later….

***LATER ****

Yay! Looks like I have a definate order for a Baby Luv Quilt – one where I’m gonna use bits from the kids’ baby clothes and blankies into a wonderful keepsake quilt. I’m excited!

So here’s the progress report for this week:

Custom order #2 – FINISHED!
Pink Stripe UFO for me – FINISHED!

Christmas custom Order #1 –  – Twin Size -cut out, partially pieced
Christmas custom  Order #2 King Size – On order, no work done yet
UFO Rail Fence – still glaring at me, sighing, from the treadmill
Two planned gifts for Christmas, to be cut and done
Two gifts for Christmas – one partially cut, one still in fabric-y piles
UFO Baby quilt for Etsy store – cut, needs to be pieced
Pink Cheater Baby quilt for Etsy – needs to be fixed and re-done in parts

And tons of more projects in my head……can’t wait to get through them all!
I’m gonna go eat some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies that I made. They’re ok. They’re not the best…but hey, they’re COOKIES!!!


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