A Scary Halloween Tale of the Dentist. Not quilt related.

Hope you all had a great and safe Hallowe’en. Mine, unfortunately was more of the TRICK than treat kind….
Yeah. I bit into a delicious little purple skeleton candy…and OW OW OW!!
I cracked a tooth. Yep. Ow. I know. It hurt.
So I soldiered through the night and went to the dentist first thing today. Now, I just moved back to this area and hadn’t  had opportunity to get around to seeing a local dentist…..funny how those things get pushed back.
I guess no one really likes to go to the dentist, really. I’d feel bad for dentists cuz while it is a high profile well paying job, nobody likes them. Or likes to go see them> so no matter how pleasant and nice….we don’t really want to be sitting in that sterile smelling office.
It makes things worse if you had a bad experience as a child. I’m blessed with straight, white teeth and a nice smile. however, my teeth are weak, brittle and chock full o cavities. I always hated going to the dentist. I’d have to be dropped off there or take the bus and it was far, far away from where I lived. Or so it seemed. Sitting by yourself in the big, dark office (or so it seemed) waiting for the lady behind the wall who was just head and shoulders to call you in….scary. And then to go in and get in that big chair…have the paper napkin pinned to you…..scary.
The worst part for me was the cavities. And I always had them. I brushed. I flossed. I didn’t eat to much candy or drink too much pop. But they were always there.
I remember laying on the chair. Looking up past the scary light (Don’t those lights look JUST like the Aliens in the original War of the Worlds??) and trying to count the dots in the ceiling tiles. Trying to listen to the music on the radio over the scary high pitched whine in your ears that came from witihn.
I also remember…my dentist was well endowed. And as she’d lean over her boob would always be RIGHT THERE and she wore scratchy sweaters. And she wore glasses so sometimes I could look up and see the reflection of what was going on in my mouth in them. But I remember she’d always be gossiping about people with her assistant and I was thinking GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW…….imagining my Imaginary friend, Wonderwoman would be waiting to pick me up with the Jet when I was done. Anything to take my mind off where I was and the horror. The horror.
And then the worst part. The absolute worst part, was leaving. Leaving, taking that walk of shame, that running of the gauntlet of shame……past the wall of smiling children, happily showing all their Cavity Free teeth on the Look No Cavities! Wall….the wall I so desperately wanted to pin MY OWN polaroid of me on, and never ever got the chance to . Even picking out a toy from the treasure chest didn’t make it better. I knew. I knew even then it was a consolation prize. Here kid. Take better care of your teeth, ya schmuck. Aw. Don’t feel so bad. Have a plastic ring that says “I go-fer my dentist” that has a picture of a smiling gopher showing off HIS cavity free teeth. Sigh.
I. Never. Got. My. Picture. On. That. Wall.
But um…I digress…
The young dentist I saw today was very nice. She was pleasant and efficient. She Xrayed and poked and drilled and got all sorts of tools ready. As she started to examine my broken tooth she pulled out the drill and then…..the words you never wanna hear….

Suddenly she stopped drilling and the hygenist stopped suctioning. They both reached for gauze and pressure was applied (I took their words for it, I was and am, still frozen) to my LIP where she had accidentally sliced it open with the drill.
Three stiches and minus half a tooth later…..
I’m home. I’m frozen. And I’m Hungry! 
The worst part is I have to FILM a show tonite, and I’m all puffy and a bit bruised around the stitches.
She was very apologetic and gave me a darn good discount on the work today. I go back friday to have them removed.
Le sigh. I’m gonna go quilt.

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