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What a busy couple of weeks. Shows and scripts and more scripts! But the Haunted Hayride is all done for the year, bittersweet….I loved the story, and all my new best pals from the cast, but the long hours workin’ outside in the freezin’ cold I will *not* miss.
But I recommend visiting the Fanshawe Pioneer Village and make SURE you stop in at the Printer’s shop, and say hi to Doug….ask him if he’ll be takin’ that midnight train to Georgia….heh heh heh….and you can tell him that Lady Somerset put you up to it….tee hee

But on the Quilting front; I did manage to get quite a bit accomplished.
Let’s see.

It’s hard to see but the blocks have a great purple colour in them.

The Green & Purple Teenagers’ Quilt: ALMOST DONE! It’s assembled, sandwiched and almost finished with the quilting.
I decided to FMQ stipple the entire thing; over the giant blocks I used a royal purple thread and in the FMQ design hid hearts and peace signs, and the initials of the young lady who will be owning this quilt. I also put my initials in the corner as a ‘signature’. The pic is the quilt top in the first laying out before I neatened it and sandwiched it with the batting and the backing. The backing is one piece, it’s a nice lavender calico print that was supplied by the client which matched the front colours PERFECTLY! I had found the FQ of the main purple and green print at Joann’s years ago, which matched my fav green cotton fabric that I have scads and scads of (thank you, Limeybirds costumes) and so it all came together beautifully!

And let’s see.

Project number two is a Christmas gift for a great friend who has helped me a ton this past year. She is a pretty classy lady and I found this awesome pattern in the book  Last Minute Patchwork & Quilted Gifts which has great ideas and patterns for all skill levels and I highly recommend it. And i happened to have all this brocade and silky type fabric in my stash and VOILA! Here is the Brocade Block Quilt.
Laying out,  the bricks are 6.5 inches high and varying in length

The bricks are made of different fabrics; some shantung silks, some heavy embroidered linen, and some medium weight brocade and other misc shiny med weight fabrics, the sashing is a shiny green faux crumpled silk and the backing is a 100% cotton calico tan and green stripe that matched perfectly! This is a lap sized quilt about 6×5 finished.

Gettin’ pin basted, wonky camera angle

Annnd what else…OH …. I went fabric shopping this week…. spent a little more than intended (all the quilters are laughing and nodding at that cuz we’ve all been there)….but the stash building was TOTALLY worth it cuz I have to make TWO more quilts for Christmas gifts.   And  check out these ADORABLE kids’ prints I found…

There’s two prints for girls and a to die for dragon-prince pattern for little boys; I can’t WAIT to make something with these guys!

  These are for the two Christmas quilts; I may end up using the same pattern; I’m going to adapt the Hawaiian Sunset pattern and simplify it some; (I’m still learnin!) but I chose rich jewel tones set off with a gorgeous Asian inspired print. The camera pic isn’t the greatest but these colours really do pop and blend. Yay. Pics to come!
And what else..ooh yes… I have a baby quilt challenge….the client has requested that the lil’ clothes not be cut; and used as whole pieces….so I’m ruminating on how best to make this happen….and keep it colourful, playful and happy…hmm. Let me think about that for a bit, and I’ll see what percolates….
So…I think that’s it for now….let’s see:
Christmas custom Order #1 –  – Twin Teenagers’ Quilt – ALMOST DONE needs to be bound.
Christmas custom  Order #2 King Size –  Fabric acquired! Needs the rest.
UFO Rail Fence – still glaring at me, sighing, from the treadmill

Two gifts for Christmas – Brocade Quilt needs to be sandwiched, quilted and bound

#2 needs to be cut and pieced and…the rest…
Two TOP SECRET projects – need to be started – fabric acquired
UFO Baby quilt for Etsy store – cut, needs to be pieced
Pink Cheater Baby quilt for Etsy – needs to be fixed and re-done in parts
There is one or two other projects I’m working on, but they’re TOP SECRET and can’t be posted until they’re finished and have been received. Tee hee.

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