Brain Dead

So I’m home from the Christmas Crafty Show…omg I’m super tired. First time I’ve done a show all on my own, and it was a lot more work than I remembered!

It also didn’t help that much of my product was stashed in bins and since I hadn’t seen it for over a year and a half, and didn’t quite remember what was in the bins…wellllll I just sorta brought it all. Yeah. Lots. So … Anyway.

I had a lot of my sand dollar ornaments out, my shell wall art & shelves that I painted with shells on them. AND of course my quilts and my Jammeez….bloomers/jammie bottoms/lounge shorts. I did okay.

Didn’t sell any quilts but people sometimes aren’t prepared to shell out $75-$150 so I wasn’t surprised, but I admit, a bit disappointed … although I now have enough stock to open my Etsy store, finally! Yay!
AND I got a lot of my WIPS done….and created a few more. I’m exhausted though. The last week was work, quilt, work, quilt. Pullin’ late nighters and early days has taken its toll on me, it’s only 8:30 but I’m finishing this and heading to bed.
 I should have taken more pics at the show, but I will upload some tomoro, and pics of all my (in my opinion) purty quilts and get ’em online. LOL…I’m gonna have a HECK of a WIP Wed post…. I finished 7 quilts SEVEN QUILTS in one week. And have FIVE MORE in various stages of completeness.

I’m sure you can tell by the disjointedy post I’m tired. I’m SO tired.
Goodnight all!

Here’s some pics of the week that never ended:


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