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How fast time flies when you’re making Christmas gifts!
It’s just over three weeks til the Big Day and I have lots on the go. A king size, just needs to be pieced. A baby quilt that quite honestly has me stumped. A last minute custom Red/Black/White Crib quilt that is stunning in it’s simplicity and beautiful (I think so, anyway) and TWO other projects and possibly one more for Persons Who May Not Be Named yet for gifts. Woohoo!

Oh yes and my student’s Big Show is next Thurs and I have to finish altering costumes oh and create the backdrop. Whee!

No fear. No pain, no quilts!!!

What, me worry?!

Laugh. Enjoy your day…or night….

it’s a bit blurry but this is the BWR Crib Quilt for Lizcarrit..the Disappearing 9 Patch Pattern


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