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It’s Boxing Day….and somehow I’ve been talked into going shopping… (yeah. twist my rubber arm!)

I’ve been so ridiculously busy; and it’s not quite over yet….I have two Queens to do, however one is nearly finished; and it’s so PRETTY….this one’s gonna be hard to give up. 🙂 Don’t worry though Liz……I will…. heh.

It was really nice to receive feedback from a few folks that received my quilts as gifts for the holidays, I felt all warm and fuzzy.

This is a short post; we’re off soon to the shops….but I will tell you about one fabulous gift from Santa…….

My New Janome 4030 QDC. I love it. I absolUTELY love it. I woulda slept with it if I could. I cried.

(Actually, I wept. Emotionally this was a weeping moment. And like Jude Law, I’m a real weeper. 🙂 )

Love and light to you all!


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