Febby-yarry WIP Wednesday! Whee!

Whoa. Wasn’t it Christmas, like, yesterday?????? I certainly had a big list of stuff to finish, and I’m proud to say, I *did* get nearly everything done. I know, insane. The King Size quilt nearly killed me. It certainly finished off my old machine. BUT … there was nothing more warm & fuzzy than opening my email inbox on the 26th and reading thank yous from recipients of my quilts, and seeing the faces of the folks that I was with that day who got quilts. And other projects. Laugh. You know who you are and what you got. Heh.

I have to admit the urge to sew sew sew wasn’t quite there for Jan. BUT…last night I sat down and started to sew.
And it all came back! I popped in a Muppets movie, and sewed to my little heart’s content.

Here’s my current WIP List:

Clean up the Cave Scrap Quilt – tidy edges, complete the top. WIP.
Purple String Quilt – finish making blocks,
My Rail Fence –  Needs to have a lot ripped out and redone. Le sigh.
Blue & Brown Baby Quilt – finish the binding.
5 other Baby Quilts – Don’t ask. To be quilted and bound. Eventually for my Etsy shop.

Scrappy Clean up the Cave Quilt:
Blocks made, gonna do a few more today and lay them out, decide on sashing and go from there.

Piles of scrappy blocks. I did empty out TWO tupperware containers of scraps.

There is also a Purple String Quilt that I have on order that I am working on.  It’s quite overdue; there was so much going on in my personal life I just didn’t have energy or inspiration to work on it. I also realized that for some reason, if I don’t really like the colours I’m working with, I have a hard time starting the quilt. But now it’s coming right along; here is my second big WIP.

I have to make 48 blocks. I’m at 22. 

And Oh before I forget. I found some great cookie recipes online this week; thank you Jennifer at Jcasa for “Those Cookies” and the Peppermint Melties from Flossie Teacakes  . I was in a baking mood; and here’s what I did.
I made both recipes, (although, a full cap of the mint extract is WAY too much; use maybe half if you’re using artificial) And then….inspiration struck; and…they came together in a pretty pink minty way!

I used store bought cream cheese icing that I tinted pink, and that was the ‘glue’ that held them together. These are a hit and I have to make more now!

So that’s my WIP Wednesday. I might put more pics of the sashed blocks later if I get them done; but I need to work on the purple quilt first.

I hope you all have a wonderfully productive day,I shall leave you with a warm n fuzzy pic of my fatso catso enjoying one of my quilts on the couch in His Spot.

Buck the fat cat says, Happy Quilting!

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