Purple Purple Purple

Yay! It’s Wednesday once again!!!

This quilt is a purple & grey ‘string’ quilt that has become a labour of love to complete. I’m 75% finished the top.
I have to complete 21 more blocks, this is to become a queen sized quilt; and I’m almost there.

21 More Blocks to Go! Woot!

At first I thought this’d be a simple to construct block; but then with the measuring, cutting, attaching, remeasuring and cutting ….looks are deceiving this one is hard…well maybe not hard but it’s very time consuming. But so worth it! (And yes, I’m a total Aries girl here. Want it done NOW!!! Heh)

But here’s my weekly progress:

Completed Top: Clean up the Cave Scrap Quilt. No good pic but the top is finished, I used a turquiose sheeet for sashing and binding, it’ll look cute when finished. A generous lap sized quilt.

No Progress:
My Rail Fence: Still hanging over the treadmill (guess what else I didn’t work on this week)  untouched with the Brown and Blue baby quilt.

Arrived in the mail!  I ordered some Kona Ash/Charcoal/Grey fabrics and the Brights Charm Pack from Canton Village Quilltworks, and they came this week! YAY!!!
I’ve been wanting to do a mixed-stars quilt for sometime, and I love the look of the dark sashing and borders so yay Kona Coal.

That’s it from my side of the sewing table, I hope all your sewing this week was FAR more productive than mine!!!

How cosy does my fatso catso look?!

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4 Thoughts to “Purple Purple Purple”

  1. OMG!!! i WANT that quilt lol!!

  2. awww Sweet kitty photo. And your quilt may be a bugger, but it's gorgeous!

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