WIP Wednesday….Aie. It continues.

Hullo, all!
WIP Wednesday…..Woohoo!! I either feel incredibly accomplished or um, a tad sheepish.

This is sorta a sheepish one…… I was supposed to have finished my Purple Purple Quilt; but things keep happening. You know, life things. The last two weeks everyone’s been sick at work so I ended up filling in a lot. Working and lifting and standing all day does not a happy sewist make at the end of the day. THEN on the weekend, when I had lots of time, I went to visit and brought ALL my gear …. or so I thought. I had it all unpacked, repinned, ready to go and went to plug in my machine…..wait…what? 

Where’s the power cord???

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah. Forgot the power cord. Le sigh. SO. I repacked it all up. Put everything away. And then read sewing blogs after I cleaned the kitchen.

BUT I SWEAR today is THE DAY. It SHALL be done. I have to vaccuum and dust then….THEN….I SHALL finish this.

See the determination????

Purple Purple: 80% Quilted – Borders need to be FMQ, tidied and bound. Then, done!

The below are sad WIPS  that i never finished before Christmas…. they were 11th hour jobs for a last minute Craft Show I joined….

Brown & Yellow Boys quilt: Border needs to be attached.
Princess Quilts: Vers 1-3 – 1, needs bound 2,3 needs finished FMQ and bound
Patchwork Fairies: Need quilting & tidy & bind
My Rail Fence: Still sadly watching old movies from the corner.
Disappearing 9Patch Girlfriend Quilt: Needs to be quilted and bound. I have a walking foot now that actually works

My Rail Fence Top, assembled

Projects in my Head:
Rainbow Star Quilt
Ruby Quilt – Bricks and Mortar I think
A Walk In The Woods Quilt giant 9 patch deconstructed

Girlfriend Quilt – Super Sunny horrible pic
Brown, Yellow & Blue Baby Quilt Too much sun for photo
Patchwork Fairy Quilt – Not Enough Sun for pic    

 I took some pics to show my WIPS – but the front yard was TOO sunny and the back not sunny ENOUGH.
Oh well… You get the idea. Happy Sewing everyone!!!!


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2 Thoughts to “WIP Wednesday….Aie. It continues.”

  1. Ugh, how frustrating…but they are just so pretty!! LOVE the purples!!

  2. Oh too bad you forgot the cord, how frustrating that must have been. Better luck this week on finding time to quilt.

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