Sunday SUNDAY Sunday….

**Note: This was originally posted on Sunday but I’m sharing for WIP Wednesday. Gotta catch up when we can! **

Well. Today was a Very Productive Day.

I plowed thru a bunch of WIPS that have been languishing from atop the treadmill…which I also busted out this week. Size 10, here I come! But I digress.

Here is my NEW updated list of WIPS. I know we usually all do this on Wednesdays, but well, it was a WIP Sunday this week.

Here’s the progress:

Purple Purple Purple Quilt: Unpicked, resewed, washed and ready to be bound! I would have finished this tonite but I ran out of the binding. Tomoro to be finished after a quick stop at the fabric store for binding.

My Rail Fence: All the bad stitches gone! Tomoro it shall be spray basted & trimmed. It’s queen sized so I may not quilt it this week, we’ll see.

Almost Complete:

Fairy/Princess Patchwork quilts: Basted, quilted, trimmed and ready to be bound!

Blue & Yellow Baby Quilt: Trimmed and ready to be bound!

Girlfriend quilt: Quilted, ready to be bound!


Two dear friends of mine are about to have their first child; a boy. Like, now. Right now. And I almost forgot!
So today I made their Baby Boy Zoo patchwork quilt;  pics are below! It needs to be quilted and bound; still deciding if I want to FMQ or straight line stitch it. I also made enough squares and assembled a second top for my Etsy store; to be finished later on.

You can really see the colours here; layout time!
Assembled, with some gorgeous chocolate brown borders

  I also have some charm packs of “A Walk In The Woods” and “Ruby”. The WITW quilt layout is below; I’m thinking I’m going to add some white strips in between rows, to flesh it out and make it a bit bigger. I also am working on a disappearing 9-patch with my Ruby charms; I ordered an extra yard of the grey swirly fabric for the ‘arms’ of the pattern. It’s still in it’s piles on my sewing table; below is the WITW layout.

“A Walk In The Woods” Charm quilt layout.

 New WIPS:
Ruby – To be Assembled
Jungle Boy Quilt top – assembled, needs quilt, sandwich & bind
WITW: To be assembled, quilted, bound

Quilt Tops No Progress:
Red & White Strips – No progress, still just a top
Scrap Block Quilt – No progress, still just a top

There! Let’s see how much more I can get done this week. I feel like my sewing mojo is returning!
Happy Spring, everyone!!!

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