First WIP of official Spring!

Well now let’s see…..
Lots got done last week…Spring has sprung and I was totally inspired to get cleaning, get finishing.
So….progress so far:

Still messing with the layout.

NEW WIP custom order: I’m not pleased with my current layout so I’m going to mess with this more today. It’s a super cute Circus Print with bright blue and polka dots for contrast. I cannot find my camera (starting to panic) so I’m stuck with using my phone camera so sorry about the crappy pics. This is a custom order and I’m finishing it today ( I hope!)

New WIP:
Baby memory quilt made out of baby clothes & blankets. This is a challenge for me, to do someone’s memories and treasures justice. I have found a few pics online for inspiration, we’ll see how it turns out. I was SO SCARED as I cut into the wee little clothes…aieeee. Pics to follow when/if I find my camera.

FINISHED this week:

One of the Fairy patchwork quilts; older pic finished.

Jungle quilt, and sent. Purple purple, and sent.
For my Etsy store, awaiting pics, 4 finished baby quilts. Basted, bound & trimmed and washed.Yay!

WIP: My rail fence: I unpicked all the ugly stitching and rebasted. Le sigh. But I forgot how pretty this was so new inspiration to finish.

Rail fence top on the grass last summer. my longest standing WIP

Custom surprise blankie that I can’t even mention. Cut.

Ruby bricks and strips: Rows are assembled, needs sashing and finishing.

WITW: Started to assemble.

SO…… that’s it for me so far. The beautiful weather has been keeping outside and working…it’s a good thing I love to sew because there aren’t any windows down in the Quilt Cave…(hence the name) because it’s awfully hard to tear myself away from the sunshine….!

I hope you all have a productive week, and happy SPRING y’all!!!

***UPDATE as of 5pm***

Yay! I assembled both the Walk In The Woods AND the Circus quilt tops today!
Here’s some pics:


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