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Fell down go boom. Ow. No quilting today.

Well, no sewing for me tonite.
I was takin’ out the garbage, and there’s this ONE sidewalk stone that I know is raised up a bit. I know it’s there. I know you know I know it’s there.
I forgot it was there.
Ah. The moment when you are happily skipping along and then the next you are mid-air, flailing….
Then, you are dazed with pain, scrambling back up the steps to get inside as soon as possible…..hoping that no neighbour witnessed your graceful descent….
Hoping no one is noticing you are trying *really* hard not to cry.
Yeah, it hurt that much.
Yeah I bangeded up my knee and shin prettttty darn good. I landed square on my kneecap. It hurts to bend it. But it bears weight so I don’t think it’s broken. Just painful. I put frozen veggies on it and kept it elevated…now i’m hobbling around.
I can’t believe I fell down and skinned my knees, hands and cut my toe somehow. Owie.
Even though I had a full nite of sewing planned; I spent most of it on the couch watching hours of junk tv. The cat was happy, he snuggled right up to me and is still snoring happily beside me.
To-morrow and to-morrow and to-morrow… I shall sew away to-morrow. Knee allowing, of course.
Good night, all.

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