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Blog Detail

April 10th is the 100th Day of the Year – The Day of Daring, so the books call it.

And it just happens to be my birthday.

I’m 39 years old today … eep. I don’t remember how I got to be this old. 39. Seems so, I dunno…grown up.
And next year, I’ll be….Forty. Aiieee. How the heck did THIS happen!!!

LOL…. I still think I’m in my mid twenties somewhere….

But I had an okay birfday, had to work, it snowed, it was cold and windy. But I dragged my Mom & brother out to try Japanese food for the first time. Their first, not mine. I thoroughly enjoyed dinner, my brother did too, Mom, not so much> But she was a good sport. And I bought a book. Yay.

Now I’m on the couch, typing away happily, working on the new version of my production website, sippin’ a schnapps, kitty purring away happily beside me.

My facebook page was going crazy with all the birfday wishes, I’m so humbled and honoured so many folks took the time to say happy bday to me.

So ya, 

Life is good. Even if I am 39 years old today. 🙂

Me, Bear, and Happy Apple. Both of which I still have.

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Carla November 15, 2014 - Reply

Happy birthday my dear. Spoil yourself : )

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