Quarantine – not quilt related –

A few years ago I was diagnosed with Graves’ Disease; a thryoid malfunction where your thyroid gland goes INSANE in your body and wreaks havoc.
I’ve been on the meds for it, had all the bloodwork, and then this past week I had the last of my uptake scans.  Where they discovered that my thyroid gland had developed nodules and so it needed to be taken care of Now. So I drank the radioactive iodine, and now am radioactive and under quarantine for Three Days. This is Day Two.

 I’m going crazy.

I have to stay away from people; for three days. No touching, preparing food that will be shared by others, staying inside away from people, wiping stuff I touch, washing everything I wear/use immediately. So, I can’t bake, or sew or do any of the stuff I would normally do. But it’s only three days. And I”m pretty fortunate that all my health problems can be taken care of so easily.

I didn’t feel so hot the last few days, headachey, slow, and wobbly. I mostly just stayed in bed, browsed quilt/crafter blogs and watched an enormous amount of Tudor England programs. God bless you, David Starkey. What a melodic voice you have. Perfect to sink in and out of consciousness to.  I *did* clean my room, went through my closet to skim out the clothes that I haven’t worn, or can’t cuz ahem, they shrunk ahem, and so I was a bit productive. The hardest part has been not petting my kitty; he just looks at me with those big googoo kitty eyes all confusted as if to say, “Why won’t you  love me? What’s going on?” Poor baby. I did break down and pet him a bit, after washing my hands thoroughly and using the brush which I babywiped down immediately.

Gah. At least we have two bathrooms.
 Hopefully now my life will settle back down normally; unless you’ve experienced thryroid troubles it’s really hard to describe. Like being yourself, but not. Kinda like being underneath glass and watching everything happen, unable to stop or change. And the depresssion. Oh! What fun. And the weight gain. Which REALLY helps with the depression….lol. ‘Tis a vicious cycle. Thank goodness I have had the support I have had. Thanks to all my pals who stuck by me, and listened to my ramblings and got me thru many a Kitchen Floor Session.
 anyways. I’ve had the treatment. I hope things get better, now that I’ll be missing half my gland; I hope that all works itself out in my body and I can just be normal. Heh. As normal as I ever am……:) I really wish though my original Dr. hadn’t scared the crap outta me about how serious this was; my anxiety levels have been through the roof. I experienced my first anxiety attack ever the other night….not fun. But…all will be well.

I wanted to sew, but my concentration simply wasn’t there, plus I was worried about making the fabrics contaminated. Even though I always wash everything before sending them out, since some are for babies, didn’t want to risk it. Just in case.

But today I think I might go do some sewing, stuff for me that has been languishing over the treadmill arm for far too long.


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2 Thoughts to “Quarantine – not quilt related –”

  1. That sounds like not a lot of fun. Hope you are ack to your normal self before long. As much as it sounds like fun hanging around doing nothing all day, not being able to do anything is a different thing all together.

  2. I hope you feel better now, and enjoy your day sewing : )

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