Checkerboard QIP!

Hi there!
I’ve been wanting to make this pattern by Molly Deschenes over at Apple Cyder for awhile now.  When I found the Moda 30’s solids jellyroll combined with Kona Ash; well… I knew it immediately;  THIS was the fabric!
Isn’t it amazing when you find the fabric and have that AH HA! moment? When you know *exactly* what you’re going to make with it? I love that.
And this pattern is super easy to follow; once I figured out the whole left/right things. Ha.
Here is the QIP: (Quilt In Progress)
All the Strips; it made a pretty flag!

ly stages of piecing. You can see the tape I use to keep track of the A Blocks.
I’m going to work on finishing this today. (And nope, this one is mine, you can’t have it. Nyah.!)
Have a great Sunday!

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2 Thoughts to “Checkerboard QIP!”

  1. I love the look of the strips stitched together. I don't know how you made this pattern (I am going to Apple Cyder now), but it looks fabulous!
    I will be glad to see it finished.

  2. Interesting way to strip piece–I assume you lopped off one square in a row and moved it to the end, and repeated until you had a block. The quilt top is lovely–bravo!

    Elizabeth E.

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