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It rains, and then pours

Well Hi!
**This was a draft I had saved and forgot to post from June 9th**
It’s been a bit since I’ve last posted; let me tell ya; when it rains, it POURS. 
Life can get away from you sometimes, and even with the best of intentions all my fav and wonderful crafty things have to get put down and put away.
SO let’s see: After the HBBA (Home Based Business Association – GREAT group) Home & Health show in May; I needed to step back for a bit from sewing. A little too much for too long. 
THEN… I got a NEW job! Yay! Full time, the only downer was it’s a 40 min commute; but…recently I was transferred BACK to my area and now my commute is FIVE (count ’em) FIVE minutes. YAY! And I’m really enjoying it. Won’t say the name, but it’s a Canadian retailer and successful and so far, I’m having fun.
The big kicker is, our house is up for sale; and so sewing like I tend to do – looks rather like a tornado of thread and fabric and needles etc landed in the Quilt Cave – isn’t really possible at this time.
But I did finish off a lil’ giftie for one of my Best Pals Ever…A super cute Kitty Cat Quilt to thank her for being one of the Best Pals Ever.

Currently working on a King Size (UGH) Irish Chain for my Dad; they’re getting married this weekend …wait…scratch that…in 5 hours….June 9th and so um, they’ll get their quilt later in the week. Heh. Or now, since it’s July….mmmm soon. Ish.
So much like yours, I’m sure, life is Good…but busy. And that’s okay. Keeps me outta trouble. 
But there’s some WIPS down in the Cave…I can hear them once again startin’ to call my name….mostly thought I have to go clean…..
So there’s the update! 

 Here are some completely non-quilt related pics; our small town has a local fair that comes once a year and it is a much awaited for event for the under 12 set. Heck. Who am I kidding…who doesn’t love a good fair?!


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