Chilly Mornings

This morning I went outside to enjoy the morning sunshine and have my coffee on the front porch;  and it was actually CHILLY!!!!
Uh Oh.
The End of Summer is Coming! I love summer. I love warm. I love the sun.  But after years of working/living in the southern US and following summer around; I did really miss the fall.

I love the colours and smells and feel of Fall; October has always sorta been my favourite month, with July a close second.

So let’s see here. What’s new and exciting….OH…I know….a few days ago in a clearance section of a local shop, I found a Whoopie Pie baking pan. YAY.
This is exciting news because I made some last year at Christmas time and they kinda spread in wacky shapes without the containing pan…..they were still quite yummy though.

BUT THEN I came across the NEW Donut Baking Pan…and I’m SUPER excited to try this bad boy out….“Michael’s” store link  and even though it only does six at a time …well… can’t wait. There’s THIS one recipe….   

Can’t wait. After work I think……..

On the sewing front…keeping the house tidy for showings etc has been a challenge on its’ own. Yes, the townhouse is STILL up for sale, a steal really,  but as everyone reminds me, this is not a good time to be trying to sell. But I have faith. This has been a happy home for years and a small family or a couple starting out would be PERFECT for it…..and I happen to know you can fit a LOT of stuff in the basement….laugh.
But I can’t start any big projects really, well I could, but I’d have to clean up after every time..eeeeesh.

So I starting working on small things, bits and pieces of scrap blocks, as I noticed that the THREE mini bins I had were completely overflowing and out of hand getting quite full and in need of some trimming. I’ve got a few finished and will be working along on those. Plus too I have some blue and white Irish Chain blocks to assemble;  and various other little projects to work on. I *really* want to make some of these Sprocket Pillows from the FABULOUS Cluck Cluck Sew  ,  one of my all time fav blog reads.

Okay. Time to go get ready for work! Enjoy your day…it’s a beauty out there!!!


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