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Blog Detail

Yay!! SPRING is finally coming here in our frozen corner of SW Ontario. And I’m finally able to get down into the Quilt Cave without freezing my fingers off!

This cold cold cold winter has gotten  me re-thinking the whole sewing-in-the-cave thing; I think I am going to move on up and begin to sew upstairs; in the spare room. Or, as we’ll call it, The West Tower.

I also have been remiss in sharing some FAB news; I get to do my first Quilt Ebook review!! A new Fons & Porter is coming out and I get a sneek peek! Woohoo!

Time to get some sewing on…..get my mojo back, baby YEAH!!

A bright, springy pic of my Vintage Rail Fence, featuring reclaimed vintage floral sheets for backing.


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