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Holiday time….again?!?

Annnnd it’s HOLIDAY time again!!!

Unbelievable how fast time moves.

What with the move and the new job; I simply haven’t had time to sew. And also it doesn’t help I haven’t even really unpacked my sewing room….but I have found time to acquire new fabric…:D

Crappy pic; I used my puter cam. There’s my arm!

I have been working on knitting some of those ‘infinity’ scarves for Christmas gifts; I’ve been using the Lion Brand Homespun Thick & Quick so I can get 4 or 5 finished before Christmas.
I’m adding in a skein of Patons’ Sequin Lace to make it extra soft & sparkly; and if I have time might sew in some extra sparkly beads I have kicking around somewhere.

 Today also started my test baking. I test out new recipes or mess with my old ones; and I just like to try them out before I give them out. Heh. Today was peanut butter fudge…omg. Sugar rush!

I tried Sally’s recipe and it is SO good. And SO easy you won’t beleive it. I’ve tried so many of her recipes and haven’t gone wrong ever! I’ve never met her but I love having her (in blog form lol) in my kitchen as we cook.

Oh dear….someone’s been muching

Here’s the link: Sally’s Baking Addiction Blog.   I added Reese’s Pieces to mine; so yummy!

That’s all in my world…dishes are done, movie is on, kitty is purring….couch potato time!


WIPS:  New Christmas quilt to brighten up Mom’s room at her home. It’s pretty dull in there.

Top secret gift for someone who may (or may not) read this; and so, it shall remain a secret. But there will be one to keep and two to give.

Um…there’s a few other WIPS that I haven’t unpacked yet so….


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  1. daughter wants an infinity scarf, I like your idea of using a thicker yarn so it knits up faster. Thanks. Visiting for the Sew Sister's Blogathon.

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