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Maple Syrup & Sweet Onion Chicken

Uh….what’s for dinner???

I have a shortish commute; usually around half and hour. So I like to think up what’s for dinners on the way home. But sometimes….I get nuthin’. So when I come home I open the fridge doors and take stock of what’s hiding in there….and some experiments work better than others!

Here’s one that worked really, really well. I didn’t take pics, sorry. This dish wasn’t around long enough!

Maple Syrup Chicken with Sweet Onion and Rice


Rice ( I used basmati)
Chicken bouillion cube

2 Skinless boneless chicken breasts, filleted
1 large vidalia onion
1 large shallot (or two small)
Cooking sherry
Olive Oil
Seasoning salt, pepper
Flour, Garlic Powder
Maple Syrup

First thing:

I started the rice cooker cookin’ with a cup of rice and two cups water with a bouillion cube (chicken).

Fillet your chicken, cut your onions and shallots into thing rings.

On med-high heat, add olive oil, enough to cover bottom of pan. Add in onions, shallots and a good chunk of butter. Maybe two tablespoons worth. Let cook down for about 3-5 mins, covered.

Remove lid and splash in the sherry. Stir in, reduce heat to med-low. Add in some seasoning salt and pepper.

Dredge your chicken in the flour and garlic.

Add chicken to pan, stir well to mix in with onions and get it all combined. Add a dash more olive oil to pan, and turn heat back to medium. Lightly drizzle some maple syrup in. Add rest of flour (Not more than 3 tablespoons) stir to combine.
Replace lid, let cook.

Every 5 mins or so; check on chicken, stirring gently to make sure cooking evenly.

After about 20 mins splash in more maple syrup, a handful of brown sugar, seasoning salt and pepper and replace lid. Turn heat to low-med and simmer for another 20 mins or so. Keep the lid on it.

This should be ready after 40 mins cooking time, nice and creamy. Add more syrup to taste, do NOT  use regular pancake syrup!!!

Serve over rice. The salty of the rice works really well with the sweetness of the chicken.

We added a bit of hot sauce to the rice and it was even better the next day for lunch!



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