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Happy New Year and Chicken Soup!

Okay so I know it’s not exactly NEW Year’s anymore but…hey, we’re only ten days in, so it’s still pretty new.

It’s been a crazy couple of months here – with holidays, ice storms, snow storms, working retail, then WOOHOO getting a icky yucky cold. I hate being sick. Who doesn’t!

A few quilt finishes for gifts – one super bright Holiday theme for my Mom; to brighten up her room. Institutions are so drab and grey ( and don’t even ask about the smell….ack) so I found  some super bright cheery Christmasy type fabric and did a quick Bricks and Sticks….

Before trimming and binding. Just the top.

She really liked it. So did I actually. 🙂

One quilt was a finish from the summertime; for one of J’s sisters; it’s super cute and

it’s done up of various vintage fabrics I’ve salvaged and a charm pack of Ruby & Opal. It’s Vintage Chic and I used the ever faithful Disappearing 9 Patch.

The last quilt I haven’t quite finished yet….um….It’s cut, the blocks assembled, it just needs to be sewn together into a top. I found this super awesome Autism Awareness fabric (a cause near and dear to our family) and am making two quilts; one for Sister #2 to keep, and one to donate to auction off for Autism Awareness later next year.

I shall leave you all with a recipe for some seriously kick ass chicken soup. I made a pot and ate a pot in like, three days. (Not the pot. I ate the soup. The pot is fine.)

Kick Ass Soup You Can Make Even When You Feel Like Death Warmed Over
6 qt Stock Pot
4 stalks of celery,  chopped
half bag of baby carrots, chopped
one large onion, chopped
6-10 cloves of garlic, chopped up
1 box chicken stock, 
4 cups water
1 chicken bouillon
2 boneless chicken breasts, chunked/filleted
black peppercorns
bay leaf
powdered ginger
fresh thyme (or dried)
Chop all veggies and set aside. 
Put chicken in pot & add stock; bring to a boil, cover.
At a rolling boil add all veggies and spices.
After 15 mins at rolling boil, top up with bouillon and water.
Reduce heat and simmer for 30 mins.
After 30 mins, skim off any fat.
use a slotted spoon to pull up pieces of chicken and shred replace into pot.
Let simmer for another 20 mins or so …then enjoy!

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  1. love quilts = love chicken soup

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