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Bloomers Photo Shoot – Behind the Scenes

So many moons ago I had a small pop up shoppe at a few local historial shows.
My booth was “Madame Fifi’s Froufrous” and we sold bloomers, parasols, fans, etc.

 I have had these bloomers kicking around for awhile begging to be put up on Etsy.
 And so today, I did!
Mini photoshoot in my kitchen; here’s some Behind-The-Scenes sillyness for your Friday.
 (The whole time I was thinking…gee I hope no neighbours can see in through my windows watching me trying to do silly things whilst photo-taking, in my kitchen this morning. ) 
Then I realized this would be a funny blog post, so I’m sharing it.
But I still hope my neighbours weren’t peeking!
 I started off by just trying to hang them on hangers and get decent shots.
As you can see, it wasn’t really getting the results I wanted.
So, THEN I thought; I’ll put them on to really show their shape, and use the mirror in the hallway to get a photo.
Yes. Sigh> That’s my belly.
And so THAT didn’t work. So then….. I got to thinking. The mirror idea was valid; but I’d need good lighting, a simple backdrop……and inspiration hit. 
I dragged the huge hall mirror out into the brightly morning-lit kitchen.
I hung a sheet off our shelf; propped the hall mirror against the kitchen table; under the skylight and VOILA! Instant photo studio. Laugh.
 The first few shots still weren’t what i was looking for. They were missing something….then I had my AHA moment. I ran down to the basement and dragged out one of my pirate skirts. Then I raced upstairs to drag out my granny boots and white tights.  And THEN…it looked exactly how I wanted it to look.

So enjoy…. here are some shots of the work in progress.

Super flattering full shot (ACK) .Here’s my rig as it appearing in the mirror!
OOOps! Can’t balance and take photos.
Non-Flattering BEHIND the scenes. Laugh.
Gettin’ my good side…heheheh…..stretch….
Vamp wasn’t sure what was going on but I was blocking her view of outside.
But, the mirror made an okay cheek scratcher so…..
Muffin watching me thinking “what is she up to now…”
Please don’t fall on me …she seemed to say

Realized I didn’t have to balance if I rested my foot on a chair. Duh. Muffin was *right* under me the entire time.
Full length!

 So that’s that!! My bloomers are up and online at my Etsy shop. Perfect for Cosplay, Renfests, Steampunk, you name it!! AND they’re all under $40. Plus I can do custom black or white ones for you. Keep your eyes peeled, I will be working on more as the fancy hits!!

It’s Labour Day weekend, so I’ll be off for a while. What’re you up to this weekend?? Leave a comment, I’d love to know.


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