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Baked Kale Chips. New favourite Snack Food!

So for those of you that know me; you know about my GINORMOUS sweet tooth. And for some of you that *really* know me you know that my dinners used to include were basically Cadbury Creme Eggs, Oreos and Cherry Coke.
But alas; time marches on and one’s metabolism slows down. Mine is slowed down to the point where I look at a Creme Egg in the lineup at Target and I gain 20 pounds. Le sigh.

Enter in : KALE
I had never even heard of kale until a few years ago. It’s really good for you, looks like spinach, sautes nicely, but my favourite way is to bake it, and have Kale Chips. Like regular chips but healthy.
I’ve used this type before but the curly kale works best, in my opinion.
Another super awesome thing I have recently discovered: Smoked Sea Salt.
I have a wonderful Epicure rep who turned me onto their Alder Smoked Sea Salt. It’s so good I use it now on EVERYTHING I cook – taters, veggies, etc etc.
Don’t be intimidated. Here’s how to make some crispy crunchy kale chips that will let you snack and satisfy your crunch/salt cravings instead of eating nasty ol’ potato chips. AND….a bunch of kale costs around 1.99-2.49 whereas potato chips can be up to FIVE bucks!!!
Without further ado; here’s the way to do really yummy baked kale chips.
1 Bunch Raw Kale
Olive Oil
Smoked Sea Salt
You will need: Cookie/baking sheet, colander, kitchen towel
Cut the stems at the bottom off of the bunch. 
I usually cut right above the elastic band that holds it together.
Fill your sink with cold water, and put a colander into the water. 
Submerge the kale leaves and using your fingers rub gently into all the edges & nooks and crannies to ensure all the dirt and yucky bits out. Swish around as you remove the leaves and shake water off.
Remove from water and let dry flat on a tea towel or paper towel or whatever kitchen towel you like to use. Pat dry.
**Note: I usually leave them out overnight to ensure the leaves are really, really dry. This is important because if they’re not dry, then the water will steam the leaves and they will be chewy and gross.**

Preheat oven to 300F.
Remove leafy parts from center stem, and if there are strong smaller stems in the leaf make sure you pull them out. Youdon’t want any stems; they are either chewy or rip the roof of your mouth.
 Tear kale into bite size pieces.
Using a large baking sheet/cookie sheet, spread your kale bits over it. 
Do not crowd the kale! It likes its personal space, thank you.
This is perfect.

Drizzle freely the olive oil over the kale bits. Using your hands, massage in the oil.
Sprinkle Smoked Sea Salt over the oiled up bits. (heh.)
Put into your preheated to 300F oven. Set a timer for 12 minutes. 
After 12 minutes take out tray and using a spatula flip your kale pieces.
Replace into oven and set for another 15 minutes, making sure to check around the 10 minute mark.
Your kale chips will be a very dark green when you’re done. Keep an eye on the timer, make sure to check on the ten minute mark – not all ovens are created equal and these little babies will burn quicker than you can say No to a telemarketer.
Let cool, and enjoy! Keep them in a closed container for up to a week, if they last that long!

And I promise I will get back to blogging about quilting this week!!


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