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Sick sick Sick SICK sick.

Ugh. Is there anything worse than a hard-hitting Cold.
Wikipedia says:   “The common cold (also known as nasopharyngitis, rhinopharyngitis, acute coryza,[1] head cold, or simply a cold) is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract which primarily affects the nose. Symptoms include coughing, sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, and fever which usually resolve in seven to ten days, with some symptoms lasting up to three weeks. Well over 200 virus strains are implicated in the cause of the common cold; the rhinoviruses are the most common.”
Lookit. These little buggers are responsible for the misery.
In layman’s terms: You lay on the couch because everything is achy and it sucks and you can’t breathe and So. Much. Snot. Gah. 
This is Day 3. 
I will say that I haven’t just been wallowing on the couch in a sea of tissues (with aloe). I did manage to shower every day, and yesterday I vacuumed and even ventured out to Target. Where I realized I had no business being.
So, no. No sewing this week. Nothing. I did watch a lot of Netflix and discovered the BBC Channel for documentaries on Youtube. Yay.
This gratuitous shot of Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy is brought to you by Dayquil.
I also read and reread several of my favourite Bloggers for inspiration when I’m feeling better; which I shall now share with you. Enjoy.
 Spool and Nine Patch Block ~ TUTORIAL | RED PEPPER QUILTS 
I have been a long time fan of Rita at Red Pepper Quilts.
Her amazing attention to detail and precision floor me every time I look at her work. I aspire to be as good as she is, some day. 🙂
Another quilter I love is Crazy Mom Quilts; her tutorials are great and she’s a fellow Canuck. 🙂
And it’s really neat when you find another person that writes like you do; it’s like reading your thoughts in someone else’s life. Weird? Maybe. But this is a great healthy living foodie blog that I discovered this summer, and have had a great time catching up and trying several of her recipes.
WIAW Monday Eats Collage 
Check out Meghan at Clean Eats, Fast Feets
That should keep you busy for awhile. Thanks for your patience whilst I wallow. Heh.
Oooh. There’s a documentary on Wombats starting. Must go!!
How was your week??

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