Snowflake Starburst Quilt

This snazzy little quilt was a labour of love, let me tell ya.
A donation for a silent auction to raise funds for a local Irish Dance School; and it ended up raising quite a bit of money. YAY!
I used my favourite Wax Cotton print for the backing. It just looks so snazzy, but elegant.

I had troubles fussy cutting to get Elsa AND Anna; so I improvised a patch of the two of them.

Close up of the diamonds; I FMQ’d in the diamonds; they were a bit more wobbly than I’d like.
Adorable! All of the characters were in the border fabric I found; I and used premade bias tape for the binding.
I have always loved the “Lone Star” pattern and it’s sorta like a quilter’s rite-of-passage into diamonds & angles and other such funky patterns outside the normal square/rectangle/triangle combos.
But did I decide to do a normal one?? Oh no. Of course not. 
The regular Lone Star is an 8 pt star; and I wanted a more of a snowflake look.

I FMQ loops around the star and straight lined (sort of straight anyway) inside the star diamond.
There was much ripping of seams, redoing of math. (Who knew how much math there is in quilting!!) 
Because the math and the angles were a bit, shall we say, wonky…. instead of adding in squares/triangles in between the ‘arms’; I appliqued the star onto the backing fabric. 
Which is good because it needed more stability. I basted the edges down and then spray basted the star to the backing snowflake fabric. I used a ‘snowflake’ ish topstitch to secure it down and hide the basting stiches.
You can see the basting stitch along the left side and the right has the snowflake stitch. 

Top completed! Before adding backing & quilt layer.
There might also have been some terribly awful language….but..well…no one heard but the cats.
I present to you, my NINE point Snowflake Starburst Frozen Quilt.
This particular one was big for a lap sized quilt; suited for a child’s bed. 
I have promised to have one up  & on my Etsy shop ASAP, so keep an eye posted for it!

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2 Thoughts to “Snowflake Starburst Quilt”

  1. I couldn't sew a button onto a pair of pants, or even just a piece of fabric for that matter. You have got skills. Plus you incorporated Frozen, which was sheer genius. Talents and smarts.

  2. LOL Naw. I'm a sucker for Disney from waaaaay back. 🙂

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