Fabric and Fabric and Fabric

I was at my favourite LQS on Monday.
And as I perused the aisles, touching this, oohing at that… I got to wonderings…..

What is it about us quilters…?

we see GORGEOUS prints…. 

we coo and sigh, and pet them, and (or, is that just me??)
 keep them neatly, tidily folded sitting quietly on our shelf.
We catch that creative bug…the gleam in our eye….standing tall in the doorway of our creative space…rotary cutter in hand….

And we get the primal urge to rip and tear and shred….(sorry, just me??)

We pull out the fabrics, slap ’em down, and then slice them up sideways and frontways until we re-attach them with other pieces of fabric…

…To make one big beautiful piece of fabric made of the many.
…beautiful pieces of fabric, with such juicy designs….then you draw and SLICE them up and reattach them. Kinda like making a really pretty, non scary Frankenstein. Kinda. Then you mess with colours and patterns and then reattach it all and make a beautiful piece of art that will keep you warm.

That’s what I love about sewing. Gives me such a thrill to say “I made that.”
Taking a giant piece, cutting it up, and then creating something entirely new.
 What is it about sewing that makes you tick?!

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