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Outlander Knits – Easy Tutorial!

I love to read.
One series I have loved loved LOVED for years is Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series.

 When I was a kid, I spent my summers at the library, scouring the aisles for new stories and characters to take me away…. and as an adult I *still* love to read; however when I’m sewing, it’s easier to listen to audiobooks.

And one series I have loved loved LOVED for years is Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” series.

Ahhh Scotsmen. Kilts. Bodice Ripping. Time Travel. Romance. Intrigue. History. A great mix.
And now, it’s been brought to life in a great TV series, and in my humble opinion, they’ve done a great job of it all. From casting to locations to costuming. It’s perfect.
And one thing I always notice are the costuming accessories…and in Outlander, I was not disappointed.  Oh my. Love them all.
The scarves! The knits! The shawls!

SO I was inspired to knit. And I like to knit, but I like easy and quick projects.
So here’s my take on the current “Infinity Scarf/Cowl” trend; which is fashionable AND practical, especially if you live in a colder region like I do.
Here’s some of my Outlander Tributes.

These are all on my Etsy shop.
Want your own Quick-Knit Cowl/Infinity Scarf? 
Here’s how.
For a skinny scarf; about 6 inches wide and 24 inches long (48 inches circumference)
 2 balls 100g /3.5oz
For wider scarf, 12 inches wide same length
4 balls 100g/3.5 oz
Shown here with Isaac Mizrahi yarn & Loops & Threads Charisma.
I used several types; Bernat Softee Chunky, Loops & Threads Charisma to name a few.
1. Using HUGE 15mm needles; cast on two strands of the yarn you are using, 85 stitches.
2.Straight knit for approx 12 -15 rows for a narrower scarf. Straight knit approx 25 rows for wider scarf. Bind off when desired width is met.
3.Join ends by sewing together, using the ‘tail’ of the casting on or using the binding off tail.
Couldn’t be easier!!
You can get fancy if you like, knit & purl for varying textures.
 Yes, you can use circular needles; then no need to join the ends. 
It all depends what you personally prefer.
And now for your Sunday viewing pleasure; may I present Jamie Fraser, Lord of Lallybroch.
Brooding Scotsman, on the Moor. Yum.

Firelit Yum.

Yum on a horse.

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2 Thoughts to “Outlander Knits – Easy Tutorial!”

  1. Those knitted scarfs looks pretty cool!

  2. Hi Vera! Thanks! I always get tons of compliments on mine. Super easy to do!

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