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Well I *suppose* you could use these gorgeous trims to trim your tree. They’re sparkly enough!
At one of my favourite fabric shops; (see this post here) they had a pre-Christmas Get-Your-Sewing-Started Sale. (And; they do not sponsor me. Heck they don’t even know I exist. But I love them.)
Everything in the store was 2-3-4-5-10 dollars a yard. Satins, Lace & Sequined applique Net, Lace panels….FIVE BUCKS..GORGEOUS stretch velvets – FIVE BUCKS! Cottons! THREE BUCKS!!!
and the Bestest part…..the most awesomest part….was The Trim.
Shining sequins, beading, gold & silver threads…two inches wide…TWO DOLLAHS!!!
 For Two. Dollars. A. Yard.
My head nearly exploded.

 Taking photos in there is frowned upon; so I shall leave this magical place to your imagination.

Something like this.

And this. But with trim.

Now, I’m not gonna admit how much I spent….but I know all you sewists/costumers out there would TOTALLY understand. In fact, you’re probably nodding your head right now in understanding.
But I had limited time; and it took seriously ALL my self control to get out of that wonderful place in just over an hour.

My booty.
Yep. One Hour.
I had some costumes to alter and fix; one is an easy peasy peasant skirt of silk (I found some awesome remnants years ago at a close out sale).

The other…… is a Beast of a heavy court dress.
 It’s Blue Velvet (insert song here) and it is a beast. 
Even after some hard pressing (heh) and steaming, you can still see the creases.

Lots of hand sewing thru mulitple layers…the alterations I had to undo and redo left solid creases & worn down areas to the nap of the velvet.
And that’s why trim saves the day..a bit of lace, some silver shimmer, boom.
So that’s me….what’re you up to? Link up your projects!
 Brag a little! Leave a comment & share some love. 🙂

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Pieced Brain Quilt Designs November 22, 2014 - Reply

Wow, lovely trims! I am proud of your self-control (I would not have been so good…). Lots of hand sewing, but great job!

sherry November 22, 2014 - Reply

thx for posting…i am going to look them up i could use some of those trims

Wonderbunnie Designs November 22, 2014 - Reply

Thanks, Denise!! Let me tell ya, it *really* wasn't easy to get outta there!

Wonderbunnie Designs November 22, 2014 - Reply

Definately go! They are really busy on Saturdays but during the week it's pretty calm. But be prepared for awesomeness!

Anita November 23, 2014 - Reply

Hi! Great haul! I am stopping in on Blogathon Canada. I am now following on Facebook and Instagram. (Can't find your blog on Bloglovin.)

Wonderbunnie Designs November 23, 2014 - Reply

Hi Anita! Thanks for stopping by! To find blogs in Bloglovin' you usually have to use the full address starting with Hope that helps!

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