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Strippin’ in Black and White

Nope…it’s not what you think.
Or…maybe it is!
It was recently brought to my attention that my Etsy shop is overloaded with (ahem) ‘girly stuff’. 

Vintage sheet Pink Rail fence

I realized….. that’s very true.  There’s a lot of pinks and pastels and shall we say, more feminine quilts and things on there. Not so much for in the Manly Men department.
So I am working on that discrepancy this week!
Here’s a sneak peek:

Strip Quilts come together quickly!
I cut some of my fav black and white fabrics into varied widths
I don’t know…felt like someone was watching me….

So I have a few planned to work on this week, and a few more finished tops that just need to be quilted up.
Heading up to sew for awhile, get some work done!
OOOOH and I almost forgot…finally finally finally ‘they’ are printing ALL the superheroines onto fabric!!  When I cut into this darling, I will DEF let you all know what it’s turning into!
Batgirl, Supergirl AND Wonderwoman, together at last!

My finished Wonderwoman Quilt; a gift for my bestie!!

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