Where did 2014 Go??

This year just flew by.
I mean, really flew by.

It started snowing in December…and didn’t stop until March

The ice storm, which lasted (seemingly) for months
2013 was a hard year, and full of serious ups and serious downs.
I was really glad to see that one go.
But….this year was Fun! And full of growth! And lots of neat Discovery!
……. I got ENGAGED!!!

To this wonderful, amazing, superterrificawesome fella.

I got to leave the corporate world to focus on my sewing & other skills….and it was great.

So …. yeah. Where did it go?  Anyone else feel like this year just POOF disappeared?
 BUT it’s my favourite time of year…… Time to

Baking about to commence THIS weekend……got any good recipes I should try?? Leave a comment with YOUR fav recipe & let’s link it up!!

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