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Knitted Infinity Scarves

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….infinity scarves are a HOT item right now. 
In fact I’m surprised it took us all so long to catch on; living through a Canadian winter you practically wrap a sleeping bag around your head to keep warm…(not really) but a circular scarf with no end that you wrap and wrap…with no ends flapping around…genius!!
I have an Etsy Shop WonderbunnieDesigns, and I have had a heck of a time
keeping it stocked with scarves.
They are all knitted by me, with two types of yarn knitted together. That gives more oomph and  ‘oooh’ factor. Cozy and warm; you can loop it once, or twice around – it can go up to your ears if you like.
Care is simply wash by hand, mild detergent and lay flat to dry.
Like any natural fiber, if it stretches out, simply wash, lay it flat, and stretch it back to it’s shape whilst drying.
Here are some designs I have made, some are in the shop and some sell out as quick as I post them!
“Purple Multi Mix” indoors lighting
“Purple Multi Mix”
“Autumn Mix” Brown & Multi mix
“Purple Multi Mix”
“Not So Plain Jane” Chocolate Brown. Goes with Everything!
“Not so Plain Janes” are also available in: Rich Purple, Soft Bright Yellow, Blackest Black, Navy, White, Medium Orange, Dark Green, Soft Pink and Hot Pink (shown), Dark Chocolate Brown (shown) and Cranberry (shown). ,

Hot Pink “Not so Plain Jane”
“Natural Blends” Barley & Taupe
“Natural Blend”
“Barley Brown” Chocolate and Variegated Barley/Natural
“Barley Brown”
“Northern Lights” Gorgeous Blues, purples, greens mix with navy blue.

“Northern Lights”
“Stormy” Silver metallic blend with deep green, sea blues, dark blue


“Winter Wheat” Taupe & Off white

Close up of “Winter Wheat”
“Sequin Green Mix”
“Sequin Green Mix” dark green yarn & multi

More to come… Keep an eye on the Etsy shop!

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