Janome sewing

Screeching Halt……….

I would like to say that I LOVE my Janome. I’ve had Precious for just about two years now; and she’s been an absolute dream.
The more I learn the craft of sewing, the more I discover what she and I can do together.
Each discovery of ‘foot’ and ‘plate’ is super exciting to me.
Here she is. I love this machine.

Is it weird that I consider my machine (Precious) more than just a tool; more like a co-worker?
Well, sometimes co-workers get sick or just have an off day.
Precious is going to the doctor today – the tension has gone completely wonky. And now, the thread is catching on something and burrs up, and …snaps.
I did all I could do. Cleaned, oiled, adjusted bobbin, thread, and needle.
Then last night I had a revelation….what has recently changed. What’s the variable in the equation that is different….
A few weeks ago I had wrecked my 1/4 inch foot.
 (Don’t ask.)
SO I went to my local sewing shop, where my Precious came from – to replace the foot. I was given what I thought was the same….but oh no. No it wasn’t. The place where the needle goes in was NARROWER than the one I was using.  You can see how technical I am here.
The problem was; when sewing over seam intersections; the needle would sometimes ‘move’ to the right slightly and then BAM!! All sorts of sounds and sirens would go off – and my machine would freeze. The needle was hitting the foot. And jarring the whole system back up through the tension disks….le sigh. You can see where this is going.
So all day yesterday I was fighting with the tension on my machine. An entire
quilt top has had to be re-sewn together. I had to pick out half of the FMQ design on a custom order for Christmas.
The silverlining is: I went back to the Singer store, and the guy was like, NO problem. Bring your machine, bring the foot, we’ll switch it out, tune up your machine, make it right. (There is a cost involved, but I figured, two years, I’m due for a tuneup.)
So …..no sewing today. Working on some scarves instead.
Gah. Tis the season!!!
On a happier note; I decorated the house for Christmas this week!
The annual “Which Damn Bulb is the Burnt Out One” game

All done! Pretty lights.

Night time shot.

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