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Blog Detail

The older we get, the more ‘traditions’ become important to us.
Everyone has theirs…what are yours?

Recently, I’ve had a lot of changes in my world.
Moving countries, moving cities, ailing parent, career changes… you name it.
So, traditions … now…. with all the changes, everything that WAS is now…Different.
SO, time to create NEW traditions!!!!

 In my NEW home! 
With my NEW Fiance!!! ( Well, he’s not new. But being engaged sure is. 🙂 )

Me an’ Mr.J go out to skate in the park, and drive around and look at the lights.
We put on the Firelog station (we don’t have a real fireplace) and play “Charlie Brown Christmas” on the stereo.
We drag up the bins from the basement, and get to it.

I love Christmas, I love to decorate!!

Step One

Step Two

Step Three!

 ONE major holiday tradition that will NEVER change for me….
I remember the cookies. And the treats. And the baking.
And I continue that tradition.
Yep. Holiday prep 2014. Heh.
 Next blog post is going to be ALL about the homemade handmade stuff ANYONE can do to make Christmas even more personal. And more better. Heh. 
Stay tuned for Some AMAZING recipes from equally AMAZING bloggers out there.
Easy recipes that are super yummy and solid to follow.
What’re some of YOUR favourites??

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