Cozy Cottage Quilt….in progress!

Last week Mr. J. brought up a very good point.
All my quilts are, well, girly.
So, maybe there IS a lot of…pink.
But what’s wrong with that??
Well this week I have thought about what would make a quilt more

Should it be pine-scented?


Vintage Car themed?

 Sewn whilst wearing a white t-shirt with the sleeves rolled up covered in grease?
Ain’t he a cutie!! But…I digress.
 So I did some research; and while I generally don’t like gender-specific roles/colour palettes….I noticed that ‘masculine’ in the colour world means navy, burgundy, hunter green, etc etc. 
(Not my personal opinion I think PINK is for everyone and so are pastels. But I digress.)
 So I thought…. Aha! COTTAGE Themed!! 
For me that means rich browns, deep reds, and deep forest greens.

The basic square-in-a-square block; with a layout that is Vamp approved.

Editor’s note: Whilst sewing the blocks together, I was experiencing serious tension issues.

 The machine. Not me. I’m pretty mellow. Anyway.

As you can see, the blocks are showing the exposed seams. I have had to RE-sew ALL the seams. Le sigh.

I will post updated photos as the week progresses!




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