It’s 2015. Where’s my flying car???

So is anyone else stunned by how fast 2014 went??
The end of the year comes as we are packing up our holiday trappings, repacking all our treasured ornaments, and in our house, trying to figure out once again how to get that dang tree back in the dang box. (it’s artificial…how does it seeminly grow?!)
And of course, one gets introspective….
2014 brought lots of changes. Like any year, really. Let’s see what I learned. 
Insert ME looking up into the ‘past’ as the Scooby-Doo squiggles appear…..
I am mostly retired from my touring life, however we do a few select gigs a year. And it’s helped bring back the Joy in it. I rediscovered the fun in performing.
And also, that our time with each other is fleeting. 
So savour moments, give each other our full attention, and hug like you mean it.

We have a lot of fun.

I left my manager position at my retail job. And rediscovered inner peace. And quiet.
I was fortunate to be able to take the summer off, enjoy time in the garden with the cats,
taking photos of all our backyard wildlife, and make enormous messes in the kitchen. 
I went back to the gym and felt whole again for the first time in years.
Reconnecting, taking a pause after non-stop movement for oh, 4 years or so, felt really, really good.
cirque du soleil ain’t got nuffin’ on MY squirrels.

The albino sparrow that we saw for a month or so.

My favourite black eyed susans & winston churchill fuschias.

We had an albino sparrow visit for awhile.
I worked on building my skills as a sewist, and finally finally was able to update my blog, 
start work on an actual website, and do all the webby things like IG and FB etc.etc. one needs to do in order to build a small home business.
And…there’s Mr. J. Who is wonderful, by the way.
We stayed close to home, we spent time together. We went hiking and to the zoo. 
We play frisbee golf and even real golf. I dragged him to craft fairs and he dragged me to golf stores.
It’s a good match.
And on November 6th (our anniversary, cue the awwww) he made me officially the Happiest Girl in the World when he asked me to marry him. Yay.
There were many things also that weren’t easy.
Relying on The System to help with my ailing Mom who is in a nursing home.
Watching, not being able to help as she struggles to regain her everyday skills.
Having to realize that we are all mortals and that the circle comes around fully.
Losing several good people this year.
Not being financially as independent as previous years.
So…let’s see. I learned a Lot.
Bring it on.

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2 Thoughts to “It’s 2015. Where’s my flying car???”

  1. The Hubby is convinced we'll see flying cars in our lifetime or at least cars that drive themselves so we can take naps while commuting between Toronto and Cleveland.

    I think your year, as tumultuous as parts of it were, sound fabulous, and like something I am so ready to do myself. One day….

    Happy New Year Sunshine.

  2. Well, we already have cars that can park themselves….*fingers crossed*. And yes, it was a pretty darn good year. I recall meeting some super cool chicks this year. Happy New Year to you too

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