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Planning the Year

I’m an Aries.
So, I almost always bite off more than I can chew.
Usually, anyway.
I start out with grandiose plans and then have to scale back somewhat.
I like to make lists to help me keep focused, and I usually put easy stuff on there that I’m always going to accomplish…like………… “Pet Cats” …”Make Coffee”….you get the picture.
So, this year is going to be the year that I slow down and focus a little more.
Focus on friends, in person, not always online.
Focus on building skills, one project at a time. (This one’s gonna be hard)
Focus on FINISHING the many quilt tops/projects currently on the go.
So, here is my List for 2015. It is flexible, amendable, and hopefully, attainable!
1. Learn how to Cable Knit.
2. Knit a sweater using Cable Knit skills.
3. Pet Cats.
4. Clean out bathroom closet – any old toiletries/makeup/etcetc is going out!
5. Finish up all quilt tops.
5.1 Finish up all UFO projects.
6. Learn how to properly sew in zippers and make some zipper pouches.
7. Vaccuum.
8. Get back into hitting the gym thrice weekly.
9. Use more words like “thrice”.
10.  Be a better person.
And because all things good to to Eleven:
(Oh…and work on my blog. And blogging audience. And photo skills. And clean out the basement. And get my car fixed up. And work on leaning OT stuff to help my Mama and keep her sharp. Get her back knitting again. Find a great therapist to help her relearn to walk. And tell Mr. J I love him each and every day a million times a million.)
Bring it on, 2015.

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2 Thoughts to “Planning the Year”

  1. You better not abandon those internet friends though. 😉

    I always put attainable stuff on my lists, especially those daily To Do lists: AM coffee is my first item every time. It's my morning moment of solitude and peace and I wouldn't change it for anything.

    I feel like I need to spring clean the whole house this year: thrice.

  2. I'm totally laughing out loud at your wondrous useage of "Thrice". And how could I not add coffee to my list?? Add that on there.

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