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**Warning. Terrible, terrible photos are at the bottom of this post.
 They may be disturbing to some readers!!!**
I will admit it. I make messes when I work.
And…I *really* need to get into the habit of cleaning as I go.
That is, putting things back where I got them when I use them. Not leaving things out, in piles. Everywhere.
Is this anyone else or is it just me? 
What are your surefire ways to stay organized?
So this is January’s Skill to build, you may or may not  need to work on this. 
But Link up!
Let’s encourage each other to stick with it!
 1. Go through all my tower shelves. Decide what stays and what goes.
2. Fold up neatly any fabric I pulled out and place in the correct colour bin.
3. Clean off my desk, put all notions back in the correct drawer.
4. Clean off the shelves and put things where they belong.
5. Place ALL UFO’s into the proper wicker bin.
6. Continue the Closet Cleanse. Get some garbage bags and put stuff in it immediately.
7. All donatable goods to go INTO back of car immediately.
8. All trims, lace, notions back folded neatly into their drawer.
9. All thread back onto their hanger or in the box.
My sewing room is technically our guest room. And we had guests over Christmas.
So all my sewing stuff was crammed away. 
Now, in my New Year’s Closet Cleanse, somehow it all got piled in there.
And sewing projects. And UFO projects. And knitting projects. 
And …clothes to mend/alter.
Here it is. I am putting it ‘out there’ and letting the world see.
(deep breath)
Yep. This is my creative space. I think I need to work on this.

I’m totally cringing right now. But I’m being honest, this is me. Although it doesn’t ALWAYS or usually look like this. I swear.

So….yeah. You can see why Organization needs to be a focus for me this month!
What are your surefire ways to stay organized?

Join the fun! Link up!

Our own special hashtag –   #skillbuilding2015  to IG/Tweet progress!
Know a great tutorial? Someone who nails these skills?
Post links in our comments & let’s get sewing!

Comments (2)

Clean Eats Fast Feets January 8, 2015 - Reply

Oh my goodness, the horror!!

Just Kidding. I'm fortunate to be a clean as you go person, and I'm sure my anal OCD tendencies don't hurt either. I'm a peach to live with. 😉

I would say you should hold off on doing any creative, crafty projects each day until you clean up at least one thing. That'll help. Or just spend two days and tackle it all at once. Like ripping off a band aid.

Wonderbunnie Designs January 9, 2015 - Reply

I know…it's bad. But I'm doing a serious overhaul. 🙂 I like the idea of not starting anything until one thing is cleaned. Thanks!

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