Working From Home

Since leaving my full time job last summer, I realize how fortunate I was to be able to make that choice.
But one thing I hadn’t known/realized was going to happen, was how isolating that truly can be.
I came across an excellent article today, posted below that really spoke to me.
I went from a busy customer service based management position in a crazy busy store to a quiet, no-routine day where if I wasn’t careful, I could spend the whole day in my jammies, never leaving the couch.Which sounds GREAT…but not really.

I mean, come on. Lookit that sweet face. Who’d wanna go out!?
I realized the problem one day, when I had to go out for milk or something, and I started chatting a mile a minute to the cashier. And I realized, I hadn’t spoken to a human being other than my fiance (and the cats) for over a WEEK. Hadn’t left the house!!! (Going out in the backyard didn’t count).
I watched a family of Blue Jays fledge. Have to say, it was pretty cool.
I immediately resolved to do at least ONE errand, no matter how small, every day. 
I made regular gym times, and started going back to Yoga. It helped, a lot!
Sew Mama SewTHIS article I found on the wonderful “Sew Mama Sew” website REALLY spoke to me. It’s all about Fiona Pullen and her new book.                                                                    I love this site. Words cannot describe how awesome it is. The content is smart, funny, absorbing and you can always find help, tips, etc on what you’re working on. AND tons of inspiration and inspirational people to keep you always onto something new!
Read it HERE: Sew Mama Sew
“Fiona Pullen runs the UK-based The Sewing Directory, and she has a new book out chock full of excellent advice. Craft a Creative Business helps you plan for success as you turn a love for sewing or other artistic endeavors into a thriving business.”  – From Sew Mama Sew
 What’re your tips for At Home Work Survival? Anyone else feel like this?

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4 Thoughts to “Working From Home”

  1. Try working (playing on the computer) in a coffee shop sometimes. I have high hopes to spend my afternoon tomorrow tucked into a local foodie establishment and working on my blog. Then again, I might not leave the house or put on real clothes.

    Also since I'm home alone so much, I talk out loud all the time….it's awkward when I have company because I don't really stop when they arrive because it's become such a habit. Oops.

  2. I've never gone 'out' to do posts…you're much braver than I am. And yeah, I also talk to myself….all.the.time. Maybe it's because our genius brains can't hold all the stuff inside? Maybe.

  3. Hi Shannyn,

    I'm so pleased that you really related to my post, I was hoping that I wasn't the only one going a little crazy being home alone all day with no one to speak to! Thanks for sharing it.

  4. I'm totally fan-girling right now!!! It was like you wrote that post Just for Me…thank you!

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