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Technology ate my blog posts!

I was working on set a lot this week; and had written several blog posts to upload later on my Ipad.
Nothing is more annoying than hitting “Save” and then… disappears.
(I realized later on why, which isn’t important now. But…lesson learned!)

So this week, no quilting….but Lots and LOTS of costuming for some darling girls I happen to know.
Renaissance-themed little dresses and some skirts & wee bags for them. I get to visit them next week when I’m off to sunny southern Florida for a little winter break. Yay!
I always have good help when starting a project.

I’m not very good at following patterns, so I use them as a starting off point. I use select pieces and alter the rest of the design as I go with my sketchbook.

I used a few Simplicity Patterns as a starting off point; and as I don’t usually sew kids’ clothing, I use the bodice of a dress pattern for proper measurements.
 I love making costumes; you can really let your imagination go. Especially with little girl costumes….any colour, lots of trim…so exciting!
The inside is really messy ….but this is during the basting pinning stage.
 They come together so quickly; and they are so tiny and cute. I love making these; teeny tiny little dresses! SO darling.
This is the back; contrasting fabric. I’ve had this purple and green for years now; I keep finding lots of places to put it. I’ve been using some gorgeous rich blues and purples for this little dress.

They come together so quickly I have been working on a few:

This one got a little fancy schmancy. More photos to come when finished & trimmed.
I am continuing to work on these; more photos later on when these guys are all done and finished.
What’re you working on this Friday? It’s freezing outside…..great day to stay in & sew!


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