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Yeah so THAT vacation was a lot of hilarious fun and I admit, it was hard to come back to the real world.
But where have I been for this past month? (Aiee. Time just FLIES by)
Let’s see:   
And by cleaning I don’t mean the usual vaccuum-and-dust combo. Oh no. I attacked my rooms and closets and “places that hold stuff” with a vengeance.
I admit it…I’ve been rereading Thoreau and getting all poeticky and yeah. Anyway.
I’ve brought over five giant garbage bags to the local thrift shop.
 I’ve freecycled countless boxes of stuff.
 I’ve thrown out things that were too far gone to be saved.
AND I worked hard at unplugging. Mostly.
Oh yeah…. and together with Mr J; who had adopted a feral cat colony; I started THIS:
Which has taken up most of my time these past few weeks.
So, if you need to find me…pop over there. I’m busy. Lol. With a cat. I mean, lookit that liddle face.

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Clean Eats Fast Feets April 3, 2015 - Reply

Gotta love the kitties.

Congrats on the mad cleaning frenzy too. Very impressive.

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