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Baked Maple Donuts with Maple Glaze

…………I have a serious confession here folks.
This might get me in trouble with a lot of people.
It definately pushes me down the “How Canadian Are YOU” list.
Here it is.
*deep breath*

THERE. I said it. (waiting for lightning to strike me down)
No? Okay. I do admit I like Maple Syrup. The real deal though not that ‘maple flavouring’ stuff. But in general, I don’t like maple donuts, maple coffee flavour, or maple candies, etc etc.
So when I was asked if I could do a special batch of Mother’s Day donuts that were maple flavoured, I cringed. That meant taste testing. 
My kitchen was awash in donuts. Not a bad thing to be awash in, really.

So I went to a few tried and true sources and read a dozen or so recipes. I knew I wanted a moist cake donut that could hold the glaze well and be a bastion of mapley-goodness.
I tried some and they were more of a vanilla-cake tasting donut, and others were too cinnamony. (Yes, that’s a word.  Or at least, it is now!) I tried buttermilk recipes and yogurt recipes, oil recipes and butter recipes. Most recipes got the maple taste from the glaze. But I wanted more. Oh yes.
 I realized to get the oomph and fullness of rich maple I wanted; I needed to take this one step further.
Then;  inspiration struck
 May I present:
Prep Time: 10 mins  Cooking Time: 8- 10 mins

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees 
Donut Ingredients:
1 cup all-purpose flour 
3/4 teaspoon baking powder
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
Pinch of Sale
1 Large egg (lightly beaten)
1 6 oz container (3/4 Cup) Maple Flavoured Yogurt
1 tablespoon canola oil
2 teaspoons lemon juice
3 tablespoons real maple syrup
1 Teaspoon Maple Syrup extract
Donut Glaze Ingredients:
1/4 cup Salted butter – best to cut through all the sweetness
1/2 cup pure maple syrup
1 cup Icing Sugar
1 teaspoon maple extract
For the Donuts:
 In a large mixing bowl; add all the dry ingredients and whisk together.
In a separate bowl, whisk together oil, lemon juice, maple syrup, maple extract and the egg.
Fold the wet into the dry and stir just until well mixed. Do not overmix.
Spoon the mix into a large ziploc bag, and snip one end corner off; about 1 inch.*
Pipe the batter into your prepared donut pan, about 2/3 full in each spot. Place into oven.
Set your timer for 8 mins; and check the donuts. If they still ‘dent’ and look moist when you touch them gently; do 1 minute increments until they are firmed up.
Cool for one minute and then flip the pan over and the donuts should fall out onto the cooling rack.
Let cool completely before glazing.

Donut Glaze:
In a small saucepan; over medium high heat:
Combine maple syrup with butter and let melt. Do not let it boil!
Once butter is completely melted; quickly whisk in the maple extract and the icing sugar.
Blend well and remove from heat. Let cool down slightly before using. And of course; don’t forget to lick the spoon. 🙂
 To glaze the donuts:
Place some wax paper or parchment paper down under your cooling racks. Working quickly; dunk those donuts into the glaze.  I like to use the ‘bottom’ side of the donut so they look uniform, but that’s up to you. Let the donuts sit with the glaze on them and after you’ve done them all, DUNK em again. Oh yeah. Double dunkers, baby.
(I found that placing the donuts in the fridge until ready to eat kept them nice and the glaze from melting. It got pretty humid here last week so right up until I served them we kept ’em in the fridge. You judge what’s best for your donuts. )
Tips & Tricks:
 * The easiest method to pipe your batter: Have a wide mouthed flower vase or other large jug ready. 
Place your ziploc bag into the vase/jar and drape the opening around the mouth of the vase. Spoon your batter into the vase, and voila.
Pull it out by the top and cut your opening; about one inch using the corner of the bag. 
Pipe your donuts into the pan; about just over half way (two thirds) full.

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One Thought to “Baked Maple Donuts with Maple Glaze”

  1. I do love those maple candies which melt in your mouth in a pool of mapley goodness. Mmm, I'll eat yours.

    These sound delicious!! Love the Ziploc bag with vase trick too. I'm so doing that in the future.

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