2016 Sucked.

Hey all. This is a Sad Post. Please skip if you’re not in the mood.
No happy photos, no cute graphics.
The last year was probably one of the worst for lots of people. 
For my family, it was absolutely awful.
March 17th saw the passing of my wonderful, hilarious, crotchety and beautiful Mother.
So it’s safe to say, I lost my creative mojo for awhile. 
I ate a lot of edible cookie dough.
I cried a lot.
I stared into space and talked to my cats a lot.
A whole year and a bit has passed.
One whole year.
I didn’t go into my sewing room, I barely picked up my knitting needles. I couldn’t bear to try to type out what was echoing in my head; I barely could sort it for myself. Trying to post happy things when I wasn’t happy and couldn’t find my happy….well…it was hard enough reorganizing my world without her in it.
Now…. life wasn’t on hold….J and I travelled more than we’ve ever done. 
I threw myself into my work work and booked many more gigs than I’ve ever done.
I grew personally and have a different (darker?) view of the world than before, and won’t ever be the same shade of light that I was before. But I think as a person, it’s a milestone we achieve (doesn’t seem like a good thing to acheive but there it is) and we grow despite ourselves.
And a bad injury during a show this year  to my neck and shoulder made sewing quite painful.
To celebrate my Mother’s life – my brother and I made a trip to Disneyworld – a place she’d always wanted to take us …and finally did, after her divorce in 2000. So Mike and I decided we’d go back to the places we went with her. And there were tears and there was laughter.
(And there was a LOT of alcohol at Epcot 🙂 )
I am back now…cleared by Doc to resume using shoulder and neck….Mom’s photos look down on me as I restart my journey of creativity.
I recently made a quilt for a good friend’s wedding…and that reawakened my mojo.
So….hug your friends and tell them you love them. Hug your family and THANK THEM for everything they’ve done and do for you. 
Love to you all.

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