“Road to Oklahoma” Quilt Finish!

So after nearly a YEAR of not quilting…this was my theme

Yep. Sigh. We’ve all been there.

You’ve assembled all your pieces and then…oh no. Half are upside down.

(or is that just me? note to self: no more quilting and margaritas)
Anyway. A very dear friend was getting married the first week of June. Ahhh a June Bride. šŸ™‚
Her fav colours are Purple and Green. I struggled for awhile trying to find something that fit them both. Christa loves Cats. And Music. And Travelling. Dan loves Music. And Travelling. And Drums.

So I got out my quilting books & magazines, surfed some blogs.
I settled on the pattern “Road to Oklahoma”  as soon as I saw it; I was like…YAAAAASSSSS.
Want to have it broken down? Check out this great tutorial here… Quilts By Jen.
Vamp inspects to make sure I don’t duplicate colours

Muffin and Vamp inspect final quilt top after assembly.
“Road to Oklahoma” looks complex…. 
 “Road to Oklahoma”  Quilt Finish
So pretty. So easy, once you stop sewing stars upside down.

What’re you working on?


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