Christmas in June…continues!

Christmas in June continues!

So about 4 years ago or so, I found this amazing Christmas fabric in warm brown, reds, teals and blues. I loved it. It would go perfectly with our brown/warm tone beige/ red colour schemes.
BUT… I didn’t buy it!
I know. Self control.
Lookit how pretty.
I really dig the vintage ornament print.
BUT later…a month or so later…all the Christmas fabric was ON SALE so SCORE!!!
It’s the little things. 
So 2 years ago I made these cute little couch cushion covers.

(Mikie loved them; he’s modelling for us.)
Then I found I had enough left over…so  I needed to make table runners & placemats.
Which…I NEVER DID…because I ran out of TIME.
And okay, so there’s STILL not finished…
but um..they will be. 
Right? They will be… 🙂

Got any Christmas/Holiday Sewing in July planned?


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